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Ashoknagar (Ashok Nagar) is a city in Madhya Pradesh state of central India and is known for its Chanderi Silk Sarees, Grain Mandis and "Sharbati Gaihu" a type of wheat. ** Ashoknagar - What to see** Mata Mandir Trikal Choubeese Jain Temple Tulsi Sarovar Shri Anandpur Temple Chanderi Places Shri Thubon Ji Kshetra ** Ashoknagar - Demographics** The most nearly district is Guna which is 45km far from there. Ashoknagar has 4 tehsils. Esagarh, Chanderi, Mungaoli, Ashoknagar. Chanderi is filled with old temples and palaces. In Ashoknagar city there were two parts mainly. Ashoknagar Is connected to the main cities of india by road and trains. **Ashoknagar - Culture** Ashoknagar is known for its Jain temple - Trikaal Choubeese, where the idols of past, present, and future Thirthankars, described in Jain religion, are found. It is famous for the Chanderi - about 35. Chanderi has ancient sculptures in large numbers. Thubon Sidha Kshetra is a pilgrim centre for Jains is about 28km.


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Ashoknagar is located on the northern-eastern part of Malwa Platue between Parbati and the Betwa, situated between the latitude 24.34 N and longitude 77.43 E . The Betwa flows along the eastern boundary separating from Sagar District, and Lalitpur and Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh. The Parbati is the main river flowing along the western boundary. Chanderi is famous for its exquisite and delicate muslin industry is a part of the district


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