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answara is a city in south Rajasthan in India. Banswara princely state was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. It gets the name from dominance of "bans" or bamboo forests. It is also known as 'City of Hundred Islands', due to presence of numerous islands in the Mahi River, which flows through Banswara. Banswara is located at 23.55 N 74.45 E.[1] It has an average elevation of 302 metres (990 ft). Banswara (literally "the forest country"), was a Rajput feudatory state in Rajputana during British India. It borders on Gujarat and is bounded on the north by the native states of Dungarpur and Udaipur or Mewar; on the north-east and east by Partabgarh; on the south by the dominions of Holkar and the state of Jabua; and on the west by the state of Rewa Kantha. Banswara state is about 45 miles (72 km) in length from N. to S., and 33 miles (53 km) in breadth from E. to W., and has an area of 1946 m. The population in 1901 was 165,350. The Mahi is the only river in the state and great scarcity of water occurs in the dry season. Banswara, derived its name from bans or bamboo shoots, which once grew in abundance around the places. It was a part of the territory known aas Bagar during the regin of Udai Singh (who succeeded to the throne sometime between 1496 and 1498 AD) and is said to have been founded by Jagmal, the younger son of Udai Singh who, being much devoted to his queen, the mother of Jagmal and wanting to see him installed as a ruler of a separate State, had partitioned Bagar between the two claimant sons before his death. Banswara remained the capital of erstwhile State of the same name for about four centuries thereafter. The crumbling stone wall enclosing the old town is still visible, overlooked by the palace of the former rulers of the principality. Bai Tal - an artificial tank - believed to have been constructed by Lachhi Bai of Idar, the Rani of Maharawal Jagmal, lies on the eastern side of the town. About a kilometre away, are the chhatris or cenotaphs of the royalty. The town has some Jain and Hindu temples and old mosques.


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