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Bhilai is a city in Chhattisgarh and is is famous for the Bhilai Steel Plant, one of the largest integrated steal plant in the world. Bhilai has a number of places of attraction in and around the township. Noteworthy amongst them is Maitri Bagh. The steel plant township – which is the dominant populated area – is basically an artificially created area of domicile. And the people who have made this their home have come from all parts of the country. This merging of peoples from all over of India has created its own cosmopolitan culture. And since this is also predominantly a town of educated technocrats, has given rise to a culture of meritocracy and value for education. The people of Bhilai also have a great tendency towards adopting new trends and life styles. Bhilai thus is multicultural for people from all over the world who have come and settled in this region. Deobalod is situated about 3 km. from Bhilai & is famous for Oldest Shiv Mandir. Tandula is 60 kms from the district of Durg and is famous for the Dam on the river Tandula. Dhamdha situated on the Durg-Bemetara road 35 kms from the district of Durg is famous for Prachin Kila and Mandir. Balod situated at 58 kms from the district of Durg is famous for Sati Chabutra. Siyadevi 20 kms from Balod is famous for Sita Maiya's Temple. Nagpura 2 kms from the district of Durg is famous for Jain Temples & Pasharwanath Tirth. Kharkhara 95 kms from the district of Durg is famous for Dam on the river Kharkhara. Hajra Falls 100 kms from Bhilai is a spectacular 150 feet high fall


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